Americans, Do You Deserve To Be Called American?

I wonder what the responses would look like if I asked random people on the streets what is wrong with our current state of affairs?

It concerns me that people don’t participate in politics and nationalism is branded as a bad thing. Nationalism is what binds a country together, what defines it. If you don’t have some form of nationalism within your nation, then you nation ceases to function as a nation. It becomes a psuedo-oligarchy because when it comes down to it, only a few people make the decisions that affect the majority.

What really bothers me is the amount of people who like to complain about our government, but do nothing to make a difference. If you want something changed, do something about it! Our constitution empowers us to do this, it is our right as Americans. If you don’t take advantage of this, then you are a pretender. You are not American. You may live in America, you may be  a citizen (hopefully), but you do not possess any sense of nationalism. You do not identify yourself as a part of something larger. If something in government does not go your way it is because you did not force it to.

How many people actually know the names of their local congressmen? Of their senators?

How many people would take the time to write a letter to them if they did?

Hell, how many people actually vote and pay attention to what and who they are voting for?

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[BYOTP] Bring Your Own Toilet Paper. And Half Nekkid Katy Perry.

Well, San Diego (really California all together) has hit an all time low. We can no longer afford to buy toilet paper for our state parks. Wonderful.

Meanwhile, while we are so poor we can’t buy toilet paper, people are bitching about a half cent increase in sales tax. Be realistic here people, half a cent won’t affect your family. You lose more money in your couch in a month than you will through a half cent boost in sales tax. So why is it you can’t contribute half a penny to your state so we can buy some damn toilet paper? Really folks?

Also, off the Embarcadero in San Diego, a Sea Lion was located today that appears to have been harpooned or hit with a fishing gap. SeaWorld’s been out there trying to net it so they can treat it, but it turns out if you hit a Sea Lion with what is essentially a spear it won’t like humans very much and will try to attack you when you get near. Sadly we can’t tranquilize it either or it’ll try to swim away, fall asleep and drown. How sad.

Katy Perry

Too much cleavage? Where...?

Also, what do you think of this video by Katy Perry? The world is in an uproar because she’s wearing a dress on a sesame street show. Do you think it’s too revealing? No? Good. I’m pretty sure any parent who allows their child to go outside knows that their child sees worse things every single day. Have you gone to a beach lately with your kids? How about a swimming pool? Maybe watched some TV with them in the room? People need to quit bitching. She could be like this guy.


A woman in Montana apparently was attacked by a bear and defended herself by kicking the bear in the face and hitting it in the head with a zucchini. Win. I don’t feel like going into to much detail with that because the story pretty much explains itself, but here ya go:

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Apple + Microsoft = Fat Homeless People. Who Knew?

In an interesting turn of events, Apple and the big “M” seem to agree on something; Blu-Ray is not going to last anywhere near as long as DVD’s. The reasoning is simple: they take up space.


No blue here.


Oddly enough, no blue here either.

Apple’s stance is why spend money on physical media anymore when movies, music, photos and more can be wirelessly streamed virtually anywhere in your house? Not to mention cost, the average Blu-Ray player costs well over

$125 and requires you to buy media with an inflated price because publishers not only have to pay a royalty to use Sony’s Blu-Ray technology, but also pay for the disks themselves AND packaging. Streaming data costs nothing, and most people have internet connections already. The Apple TV is only $100, costing significantly less than a Blu-Ray player, and allows you to stream non-HD content, music, photos, TV shows, youtube, and more right to your TV.

Microsoft is looking at this in a very similar way, specifically, with their gaming console the Xbox 360. Prior to it’s release they were considering going the route of Blu – Ray’s, but stopped for two primary reasons: Sony would have to be paid royalties, and the graphic capabilities would not be much different. Compressing data on a DVD was already at some points putting more than enough strain on graphics hardware, so really the Blu – Ray drive would be useless. It would not increase graphics capability enough to matter and would exist purely for viewing movies, not to mention raise the price of the units considerably.

On another note, even while the U.S. economy suffers over a $13,000,000,000,000* national debt, the U.S.A. is one of the few places in the world that can boast more than 25% of it’s homeless population is overweight. Go America.

*Thirteen trillion dollars

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How To Raise a Kid: DON’T BE AN IDIOT.

Well folks, heres a prime example of two things. How to be a terrible mother, and, blatant stupidity in the justice system.

An eleven year old is being charged with felony murder and what equates to child abuse. Why? Because two mothers are in essence complete idiots.

Both mothers are friends, one has an eleven year old child and one has a two year old child. The mother of the two year old needed a babysitter apparently, and the mother of the eleven year old volunteered her child. That was the first mistake. What kind of irresponsible mothers:

1) Allow their young child (the eleven year old) to be responsible for an even younger baby
2) Allow their child to be taken care of by an eleven year old for several hours?

Tragically, the mother of the two year old came home to find her baby almost dead. The eleven year old claims that the two year old fell out of bed and somehow managed to inflict blunt trauma wounds all over the two year olds body, which is obviously a lie, but that is besides the point.

The mothers are getting off free of charge.

They both need to be brought up on child neglect charges and the eleven year old needs to go to counseling. Obviously the kid has problems, but the mothers most likely made it that way. Terrible parents.

Have an opinion? I’d like to hear it. Leave a comment.

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The Recession is Over, Let’s All Go Shopping and have ORGASMS!

According to Arbiter something rather, the recession is over. Right. And I can afford a new car, new house and a nice new gold watch.

Really, why even release statements like this? It’s very apparent that the response is going to be blatantly negative. I would like to see the resume of this “Official Arbiter of Economic Turning Points.” I’m pretty sure that it must include somewhere that the man is somehow mentally handicapped, especially considering it was just recently released that more jobs have been LOST since this “recovery period” began.

Arbiter: -1 Internetz, +2 new ties. He’ll need them when he’s job hunting. Not like he’ll find one.

You're doing it wrong.

You're doing it wrong...

In other news, sex and shopping are apparently the same according to video posted by MSNBC. If a man or woman happen to see an amazing deal while shopping, their brain release the same chemicals in the same quantities as if they were having sex or watching pornography. Great. Maybe the birth rate will go down, people will buy more stuff and birds will fly out my- well, I think I’ve made my point. Needless to say, shopping won’t give you an orgasm. Sorry folks.

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Hurricane Igor is in The Bible – And so are 47 types of food.

So in today’s news, the laws of physics applies to the boats docked near Bermuda. I feel it isn’t really necessary to point out that when a hurricane comes near ships, the ships will move. Apparently that wasn’t the case for several popular news networks who felt physics and natural cause would somehow not affect the boats in Bermuda as hurricane Igor comes to crush the locals. Poor guys, about to get hit by a hurricane and above all else, lose their boats. Damn. But really, it’s pretty impressive to see.

Image from

Your boat just got repossessed... by THE OCEAN!

Meanwhile in American news, we are failing to support our own national businesses.  Kind of a downer when you think about it, considering how much we all like to bitch about how they are exporting jobs. Maybe if American investors would consider putting money businesses that may actually affect their lives then they could afford to pay people on the manufacturing home-front. GM is now opening options for international investors. This may be a good thing because it could lead to localized profit margins increasing jobs stateside, or it could be a bad thing, because it means we as America lose more control over our domestic products. It really depends on how much of the company they decide to allow foreign investors to control. As of now, the most prominent foreign investor GM is dealing with is a company based in China named SAIC.

On a good note, the San Diego Charger stomped all over Jaguars today.

Also, there is apparently forty-seven types of food in the bible. Yay.

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ScrewedNews Is Open For Business!

Well here I go into this thing called blogging. I’d like to open this blog with a general introduction. Here’s a good list of things you can expect from this blog!

– News on the latest bullshit
– Sarcasm and Satire galore
– General rants and raves about the stupidest things on the net, and possibly on TV.
– Anger. Lots of anger. And Rage too. Don’t forget rage.
– General lack of caring and zero inhibitions. Apathy, oh apathy.

I hope to keep everyone interested in this little project of mine and expect a decent following. If you come across my blog, make sure to subscribe! I will be adding a youtube vlog shortly as well, so don’t forget to check back for that info too! Until next time folks, PEACE!
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